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It’s important to have the right partner when you’re ready to buy a new home, and A-One Home Mortgage & Investment, INC offers a wide range of financing options to suit a variety of needs. Whether you’re looking for a loan for a primary residence, second/vacation home or investment property, we’ll take a look at your complete financial picture to find the right option for your needs. Which one of these products sounds like the best fit for you?



There are many reasons people refinance their mortgage, but the most common are to either save money on their monthly mortgage payment or reduce their interest rate.* Some people also take advantage of refinancing to shorten the length of their mortgage or to access some of the available equity in their homes to cover other expenses.

Regardless of your reasons for refinancing, it’s important to weigh all your options to arrive at a strategy that makes the most sense for your personal financial goals.

A-One Home Mortgage & Investment, INC provides the flexibility you need to consider refinancing your mortgage. We have loan products for primary residences, second/vacation homes and investment properties.



Our Commercial Mortgage Loans let you finance existing properties, construction, development and community redevelopment projects, all created by professionals who prioritize your business plan. We help you address immediate and future capital requirements in various ways.

  • Construction and acquisition financing

  • Interim and bridge financing

  • Mini-perm and permanent financing

  • A&D and unit construction financing

We provide commercial real estate loan services for individual borrowers, institutional investors, and other third-party investment groups.

We also offer additional financing options through the Small Business Administration (SBA).

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Nonqualified or non-QM loans are a particular type of residential mortgage designed for a borrower who doesn’t qualify for a conventional loan. These loans are intended to serve borrowers whose income has a higher likelihood to fluctuate than those in salaried positions. Non-QM loans typically apply to certain individuals, such as:

  • Business owners

  • Self-employed

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Contract workers

  • Gig-economy workers

  • Retirees

Non-QM lenders have alternative methods of verifying income, such as bank statements or liquid assets. As a result, these loans typically have a lower ceiling than conventional loans. Many types of wholesale lenders offer non-QM mortgages. As nonsalaried employment continues to become more common, these loans are accounting for a larger portion of residential mortgages and continue to grow.


About Us

A-One Home Mortgage & Investment, INC, Incorporated is a full-service mortgage company known for leadership, integrity and experience in the mortgage industry. We offer over 1000 different loan programs with great rates and flexible terms. We are equipped to provide just the right loan for your individual situation and we always consider all types of credit.

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As an established homeowner, you can improve your financial security by refinancing to a lower payment.

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Purchase and Refinance into a shorter term, so you can pay off your mortgage sooner.


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